Patreon, the platform that enables creators to generate subscription revenue from their audiences, has just raised an additional $155 million in their Series F funding round. This latest round brings the valuation of Patreon to $4 billion.

In a remarkable video, Patreon CEO Jack Conte announces the raise and outlines his vision on where the creator economy is heading in the next 5 to 10 years. We at whole-heartedly agree with Jack: The second renaissance is here! Watch the full video below:

It’s unclear exactly what Jack and Patreon will use the $155 million for, but we would expect them to more aggressively pursue creator acquisition and doubling down on platform features that separate the company from the native subscription features rolling out on social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

To learn more about the fundraise and Jack’s plans for Patreon, watch his interview on Yahoo Finance here.