About Us

Creator.org is an organization that grew out of the realization that we as a society have such an amazing opportunity: to be creative and to earn a livelihood being it. We believe that being creative is a natural human expression. And we believe that if we work together, we can create a better world.

To us, in one sense being a creator is taking something one loves and then applying the principles of entrepreneurship to take that thing to its next level. To some this might just mean mastering that thing, and to others that may mean earning an income doing it.

Regardless, every creator starts with a journey. They may not know it, but it’s something ongoing that shapes him or her for the path in store. Creator.org is an organization dedicated to helping people begin this journey. Thank you for having us along for the ride!

Our “Why”:

Growing up, I always wondered and worried what I was “supposed to do” with my life. My older brother became an engineer, my older sister became a CPA, and I started a band. I worked at a grocery store throughout high school, saved up money to buy recording equipment, and learned how to produce music on my home computer with Pro Tools. 

When “life started getting real,” I went to college and began researching Communication and Media Studies. Music fell into the background, and instead I began focusing on how new technology, and social media specifically, was empowering musicians to “make it big” without record labels. After watching the band Owl City grow massive on MySpace, and then sign with Universal Records, I said to myself: “Why would a band that had everything they needed, all the success, the production capabilities, the distribution, the fans, why would they go on and sign to a label?”

The fact of the matter is that they didn’t need to. Yet, it may have been that the culture of “how things were,” the normal path of a musician of signing to a label (and growing into debt to record and promote the music), still had too much of a hold on things at the time. 

Today is a different story. Bands are using YouTube to share their music and build a thriving business. Creators like Casey Neistat leveraged YouTube to build a media empire and inspire millions of people to do things they love.

But being a creator is not about the big shots, or the celebrities that make it on social media, it’s about the ability to earn a living doing something one loves. For the first time in our human history, this is possible at massive scale. ‚Äč

Our mission is to ensure the movement behind “being a creator” takes hold in mainstream culture as a viable, intelligent and empowering way to live one’s life. I’m honored you’re hear and that you’re interested in helping this movement. Together, we are ushering in a new way to live life. An amazing way, without a doubt.

– Creator.org Team