Creator Accelerator Program

The Creator Accelerator Program was developed to shed light on the importance of social media education in our society, as well as the foundational principles of entrepreneurship. In turn, is committed to holding events and programs that empower both youth and adults to be creators.

In the Accelerator, we are also actively investing in up-and-coming creators in under-representing communities and Title 1 school districts.

Here is a snapshot of our Curriculum:

  • Week 1: Course Intro + Creator Ecosystem Overview. This session will be an introduction to the program and the broader creator ecosystem.
  • Week 2: Intro to Content Creation. This will be our first tactical session covering how to create a YouTube channel, shoot video, and provide creative solutions for those of us who may be less creatively skilled. This week we will all create and publish a video.
  • Week 3: Audience Growth. Since we are now publishing content, we must learn how to attract attention and grow our audience. This session will cover the basics.
  • Week 4: Audience Growth (Advanced). This is a continuation of our previous session on audience growth. In this session we discuss more advanced tactics such as Reddit marketing and collaboration.
  • Week 5: Principles of Entrepreneurship: Being a creator is an evolution of entrepreneurship and many basic, entrepreneurial principles apply. Moreover, being a creator is a business so business fundamentals are important.
  • Week 6: MultiMedia Approach to Being a Creator: YouTube is one medium in a larger media ecosystem. In this session we will cover the multimedia aspect of building a personal brand. 
  • Week 7: Monetization: While monetizing (or making money) may not be the end all be all, it is an important part of sustaining your creative journey. In this session we will cover the multiple ways creators earn an income. 
  • Week 8: Building an Email List: Email is still one of the most important ways of communicating with your audience, and unlike YouTube, you own your list. This will be a practical guide to setting up your email list.
  • Week 9: Growing an Email List: An email list is worthless without any subscribers. In this session we will cover how to rapidly grow your email list leveraging the audience you have been creating for the last 8 weeks.
  • Week 10: Building a Website: While this may be more advanced, no personal brand is complete without a web destination. This will be a practical guide including wisdom from our experience building dozens of web properties.
  • Week 11: Building a Website (Continued): This will be a continuation of last session going into more depth and answering questions. 
  • Week 12: What’s Next? During this session, we will discuss how our journey together will continue and also explain how our partner organizations work with creators who have established themselves in their communities.

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